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FHSAA Concussion "Return-to-Play" Protocol

Each step should take at least 24 hours to complete. If the athlete experiences a return of any concussion symptoms they must immediately stop activity, wait at least 24 hours or until asymptomatic, and drop back to the previous asymptomat­ic level. This protocol must be performed under supervision. Please initial and date the box next to each completed step.

Once the athlete has completed full practice (i.e. stage 4), please sign and date below and return this form to the student-athlete’s phy­sician (MD/DO) for review and request the physician complete the return to competition form for the athlete to resume full activity.

Care and Treatment for Exertional Heat Stroke

Exertional Heat Stroke (EHS) is the most severe heat illness. EHS is characterized by neurological impairment and a core body temperature of 104˚. EHS is most likely to occur in hot and humid weather but can occur with any intense activity. EHS can progress to a systemic inflammatory response and multi-organ system failure unless promptly and correctly recognized and treated.
Research shows the best assessment of core body temperature is achieved by the use of a rectal thermometer. This procedure is the most valid and reliable method of obtaining true core body temperature and ensures the correct diagnoses to guarantee the best treatment is provided. Failure to provide the correct treatment to patients experiencing EHS increases the rate of morbidity and mortality. 
It is our goal to use proper training techniques so that EHS never occurs. The Sports Medicine team at Berkeley is trained in rectal thermometry and will ensure the privacy and protection of the athlete if this scenario occurs. After proper treatment and recovery, the athlete will be taken through a functional progression back to their sport.
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